The Zahar group of companies offers blocks for retaining walls.

We offer 2 types of concrete blocks for KBP type retaining walls:

KBP 100/200
Size/mm: 1995*1000*1250
Weight 1 piece: 1309 kg.
KBP 100/150
Size/mm: 1496*1000*1250
Weight 1 piece: 1035 kg.
In 2009, a project for the production of innovative building structures for the installation of gravity-type retaining walls, which have no analogues in Russia, was launched.

The retaining structural block (RSB) is a reinforced concrete box of a special shape, the geometry of which is optimized from the point of view of the minimum consumption of structural materials to perform the task of "holding" the slope with a height of up to 30 meters. The blocks can also be applied to devices for strengthening the bulk roadbed, abutments of bridges, exits from tunnels, shorelines of reservoirs, construction of dams.

Distinctive features of this construction:
- absence of rigid connections between blocks installed on a crushed stone base, with backfilling with rammed crushed stone. This allows to get away from “wet” processes and erect walls at any time of the year;
- gravity distributed in layers and a very low coefficient of sliding of crushed stone - 100% guarantee against overturning of the wall;
- seismic resistance of the structure - up to 9 points;
- the speed of construction of the wall significantly exceeds the speed of construction of structures of a similar purpose, which significantly reduces production costs;
- the wall erected from the RSB performs drainage functions;
- the tiered installation allows to carry out measures for terraced landscaping;
- the finished textured, embossed “natural stone”
surface of the front side of the block does not require further decorative design;

- the geometry of the block allows to create diverse radial solutions, the implementation of which is very labor-intensive for other types of retaining walls;
- the blocks can be used not only as elements of a retaining wall, but also as a decorative structure that does not carry a load.

We produce 2 types of structural blocks: RSB 100/200, RSB 100/150.
We have our own production of blocks in Vladivostok and in the Moscow region.