The Zahar Group of Companies offers reinforced concrete bridge piles, loaded into the ground by impact.

The production of bridge piles is a responsible technological process, which can only be carried out by real professionals in the manufacture of reinforced concrete products.

Reinforced concrete bridge piles are specific concrete blocks, which are supporting reinforced concrete structures and the main areas of application of which are considered to be:

- bridge construction;
- construction of crossings over reservoirs;

- formation of automobile interchanges;
- organization of overpasses;
- construction of pedestrian tunnels;
- laying foundations for structures.

Specialists of the “Zahar” clearly know all the nuances and features of this business, and therefore, since 2020, they have been producing bridge piles with a cross section of 35x35 square hammered, meeting all the requirements of modern construction.

In the process of manufacturing bridge piles, our company uses high-quality materials, the latest equipment and the most efficient technologies for the production of reinforced concrete structures.

Therefore, our bridge piles strictly comply with GOST, norms, rules, specifications and other quality standards of modern concrete products.

Currently we offer 3 types of piles:

Pile S10-35T2

Series 3.500.1-1.93

Size/mm: 10300*350*350

Weight 1 piece: 3100 kg.

Volume: 1.24 m³
Pile S11-35T2

Series 3.500.1-1.93

Size/mm: 11300*350*350

Weight 1 piece: 3400 kg.

Volume: 1.37 m³
Pile S12-35T3

Series 3.500.1-1.93

Size/mm: 12300*350*350

Weight 1 piece: 3700 kg.

Volume: 1.49 m³