The Zahar group of companies offers airfield smooth plates ASP

There are many varieties of these reinforced concrete products, but the airfield smooth plates ASP – 14 and ASP – 18 are considered the most popular.

Since 2021, “Zahar” has started production of ASP – 14 andASP– 18.

These concrete blocks differ from other reinforced concrete structures by a corrugated surface, which not only provides the ASP with an attractive appearance, but also has a positive effect on their operational qualities. Airfield smooth plate is a unique reinforced concrete structure, which is a kind of road plate, but differs from it by increased
strength and durability. Such perfect characteristics of these reinforced concrete explain the popularity of laying ASP on objects that require maximum reliability from the
road surface:

- temporary and permanent airfield sites;
- sites for the installation of tower cranes;
- roads for the movement of vehicles of high tonnage;
- construction sites;
- industrial territories;
- storage facilities.

In the process of production of ASP our company uses the latest equipment and the highest quality materials. The standards, norms and requirements for reinforced concrete products are certainly considered. This is one of the most important principles of the work of GC "Zahar".